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First Time Traveler's Guide
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First Time Traveler's Guide

Travelers of almost every persuasion will appreciate the breadth of options available in the Greenbrier Valley.

If you’re planning a first-time visit to this quiet corner of the world, be sure to add these must-see sights to your agenda.

1. THE GREENBRIER. The historic resort has been welcoming guests for more than two centuries as a retreat for “taking the waters.” Today, it's the backdrop for the ultimate luxurious getaway offering a world-renowned mineral spa, an impressive culinary scene and legendary golf. Even if you’re not planning a stay in the lavishly styled hotel, visitors are welcome to walk the grounds, even take a carriage ride. Spend the day wandering the opulent resort, hotel shops and boutiques along Alabama Row. Make sure to schedule a tour of The Bunker. The declassified fallout shelter was a closely guarded secret during the height of the Cold War.

The Greenbrier spring tulips.

2. CRAFT SPIRITS. Named USAToday 10Best Craft Distilleries in 2018, Smooth Ambler has made a splash on the whiskey scene. For anyone who has an appreciation for a well-made product, a tour of Smooth Ambler should be added to your vacation to do list. Dedicated to perfecting its whiskey, the friendly staff walks guests through every step of the process—from grain to glass. With a small fee, you can even sip on samples.

For a tasting room with a view, Hawk Knob is located in the rolling hills outside of downtown Lewisburg. They use traditional hand-crafted methods and WV heirloom apples for a selection of hard ciders and honey mead.

Downtown Lewisburg regularly tops must-see lists from around the country. Take an afternoon to poke around the shops, galleries and museums.

3. HISTORIC DOWNTOWN LEWISBURG. For a town with a population sitting just below 4,000, it’s always hopping...festivals, live music, great food and a surprising cultural scene. Lewisburg is home to Carnegie Hall, one of four remaining in the world and Greenbrier Valley Theatre, the state professional theatre of West Virginia. It also has its own artist enclave, Lee Street Studios, where you can meet local artisans and purchase their work. 

Historic buildings line the streets in Lewisburg, so a stroll through downtown is like taking a step back in time. Dive into its history with a guided walking tour. The North House Museum is the keeper of the region's story and leads black history walks, cemetery tours and history walks in Lewisburg.

4. GREENBRIER RIVER & RAIL-TRAIL. Hikers, bikers and horseback riders can take advantage of this 78-mile long rail trail. No matter your skill level, the trail is easy to navigate with its wide, gravel bed and mild, one-percent grade. Enjoy views of the Greenbrier River as it meanders through the lush forest and rolling Alleghany Mountains. Want to take bikes out for a spin? Check out Hammer Cycles for rentals and shuttle services along the trail. If you're looking for a dip in the Greenbrier River, Greenbrier Outfitters offers stand-up paddling boarding and kayak outings on the Greenbrier River. Or get the family out on tubes with Greenbrier River Campground.  

5. POMONA SALT CAVE AND SPA. This underground experience will leave you more relaxed and less dirty…unless you schedule a mud mask. Tucked away in the hillside a few miles outside of White Sulphur Springs, Pomona Salt Cave and Spa is a man-made cave lined with thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt. They offer halotherapy, massages, facials, foot soaks, and even fresh smoothies and juices to complement your day of rejuvenation.  

Pomona Salt Cave and Spa.

6. WILD CAVERN. Underneath the Greenbrier Valley, miles of tunnel systems stretch across the land. Visitors can take a closer look at what lies beneath in Lost World Caverns. Venture below the earth’s surface 120 feet to witness an underground marvel of colossal proportions. The self-guided tour covers a well-trod half-mile loop with colorful lights highlighting these actively growing stalactite and stalagmite rock formations. If you're looking to explore the deeper depths of the cave, the four-hour wild cave tour might be for you! 

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