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For your dining pleasure, we’ve been on a county-wide expedition -- getting behind the scenes and in restaurant kitchens. We’ve been meeting with owners and chefs and doing some very scientific work all in the name of “good taste.” Give a few of these one-of-a-kind recipes a try. We think you’ll love the results and what they’ll do for an evening at home.

Farm-to-Table since 1778

“Farm-to-Table” is a taste-trip back to simpler times, when food was eaten not far from the fields, the hills and streams where it was grown and raised and caught. Where cookie-cutter uniformity of shape and size and color are replaced with variety and richness, individuality of flavor and renewed nutrition, each ingredient picked fresh at its ripest, unique unto itself. Put another way, it is physically impossible to freeze or transport the bursting flavor of a trout caught yesterday and cooked today.


The natural beauty of Greenbrier Valley is hard to explain in words, but easy to capture in pictures… No filter required. See what others are doing and share your experiences using the #GBVEffect hashtag.

Greenbrier Valley Forest

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Greenbrier Valley lake at night

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