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Vibrant Paintings and Clay Creations Featured as the July Art in the Valley Exhibit

July 01, 2019

The Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center’s (GVVC) galleries feature two artists for the July Art in the Valley exhibits. The shows, “Connections” by Laurine Yates and “Mudwoman Arts” by Diana Hunt open their show at 5 p.m., July 5, during First Fridays After Five.

“Connections” by Yates showcases her love of nature through her passion for painting. As a lifelong artist, she has worked with several mediums but finds great satisfaction creating with brushes and paint. Yates is a Tamarack artist and has exhibited in numerous local shows.

Hunt’s “Mudwoman Arts” highlights her thrown and hand-built functional stoneware such as bowls, mugs, and lamps. A seasoned veteran of pottery, she oversaw the pottery studio at Carnegie Hall as well teaching pottery during Carnegie Kids College.

The Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center began the Art in the Valley exhibit in 2014 as a way to highlight local artists. Each month the gallery space features a new artist, with an opening during First Fridays After Five. For more information about Art in the Valley or the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center, contact 304-645-1000 or


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