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Traveling with Nina in Lewisburg, WV

May 05, 2018

EXCERPT: The town of Lewisburg was charming and full of energy. I hate to admit this, but we were expecting a little town with not much going on. We were wrong! The historic area was beautiful and full of restaurants and shops.  Everything was lively.  There were people everywhere, live music in the restaurants, and even wait lists!  There are some real stereotypes about towns in West Virginia that we’ve heard. Let me tell you, they are extremely misleading. This town was another reminder of how misleading they are. We ate at some great restaurants that used local ingredients and did incredible jobs renovating their historic buildings. If you believe these stereotypes about West Virginia, go to Lewisburg, because they will be shattered., swing by Stardust Café, a coffeehouse-style spot that’s the sister restaurant to General Lewis Inn and happens to serve up the best fair-trade brunch, lunch, and dinner. In the mood for something sweet? Stop by Food & Friends for homemade fudge and chocolates, among other confections and throwback comfort food. And if all you want is a really good piece of pizza, make sure to hit up Hill and Holler. Follow up a hike with a fresh pie—after all, you’ll need fuel for the long drive home.

General Lewis Inn


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