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The Georgetowner: Lewisburg, Nestled in the Greenbrier Valley

December 07, 2018

Written by Stephanie Green

I left my heart in Lewisburg because of a French goat.

Actually, it wasn’t a French goat, but The French Goat — one of only a few French bistros in West Virginia, and the only one in Lewisburg, which is redefining small-town chic.

Nestled in the Greenbrier Valley with a population under 4,000, Lewisburg is just a short plane ride over the Shenandoah Valley, thanks to a new flight on United out of Dulles operated by SkyWest Airlines. The French Goat is a popular bistro in Lewisburg, and one of the few French restaurants in the state.

When most people touch down at the Greenbrier Valley Airport, they immediately hop on the handy white shuttle bus to be whisked off to the secluded splendor of The Greenbrier resort. And for good reason...

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Downtown lewisburg streetscape


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