It’s 1784 and word has come back via the local frontiersmen that there is a wild and scenic valley rich with resources west of the Appalachian Mountains.

With only crude maps to guide your way, you know the trip will be challenging. Your goal is to navigate Virginia's western frontier, reach the new town of Lewisburg and set up your homestead.

The Barracks. Your Escape Room adventure takes place in one of Lewisburg’s earliest buildings. Constructed in 1799, it served as an outpost of civilization for early settlers and others traveling through the region. It was used as a “barracks” during the War of 1812.


What is an Escape Room?
If you like puzzles, you’ll love testing your skills in an escape room. First, you’ll need a team of two and up to six people. Your Game Master will set the scene and explain what challenges you must overcome. You and your team have one hour to explore the room-sized puzzle in search of clues and “escape.” 


More Info

12.20.22 UPDATE: The Escape Room is currently closed and will reopen in the summer of 2023.

  • This experience requires a minimum of 2 (max of 6) participants and is available by reservation only.
  • To schedule, call 304-645-3398 (Mon-Sat 10-4pm) or e-mail
  • $25 per person with discounts available for members of the Greenbrier Historical Society.
  • Please note, The Escape Room is available for rent outside of normal business hours of the North House Museum.  

The Escape Room is brought to you by the North House Museum and Greenbrier Historical Society.


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