Discover what happens when water seeps through limestone rock over thousands, even millions of years! “Unearthed” in 1942, the Lost World Cavern network winds under the earth 11 miles and 120 to 235 feet below its surface.

With stalactites and stalagmites of every shape and size, witness nature at work on a self-guided tour of the main, 1,000-foot “room.” The Snowy Chandelier, a 30-ton compound stalactite documented as one of the nation’s largest. A column of sparkling, white calcite, aptly named Bridal Veil. And the War Club, a 28-foot stalagmite made famous in 1971 as part of a Guinness World Record achievement.

A half-mile long, the tour takes approximately 45 minutes at a casual pace. Be sure to pick up a guide sheet to learn more about the history of the cave and its unique geological formations.

It’s a good idea to wear comfortable, flat shoes and a warm jacket. No matter what the temperature is outside, the cave remains a constant 52 degrees.

Guided Tour.  If you’re looking to get off the beaten path, let Lost World’s expert guides take you beyond the main cavern to places few have seen. On this 4-hour expedition, find yourself crawling and climbing your way through a network of tunnels and chamber rich with formations.  



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Museum & Gift Shop.  Be sure to leave some time to explore the dinosaur museum and learn what roamed the earth millions of years ago. At Lost World, the remains of a prehistoric cave bear (Arctodus pristinus) was discovered in 1964. Just imagine what else may be undiscovered! The gift shop features unique geologic items such as geodes, minerals, replica fossils, and other fun, scientific memorabilia. 

Barnyard Encounters.  The Lost World Cavern property is located on a scenic Greenbrier Valley farm, only a few miles from downtown Lewisburg. If the weather is right, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy some time outdoors. Meanwhile, meet the horses, goats, llamas, even a macaw who live on the farm. They are always curious about new visitors. 



  • January-February: 10-4pm Sat/Sun only
  • March-Memorial Day: 9-5pm daily
  • Memorial Day-Labor Day: 9-5pm daily
  • Labor Day-Thanksgiving: 9-5pm daily
  • Thanksgiving-New Year's Day: 10-4pm daily



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