How to Cool-Off in the Greenbrier Valley



As the summer heats up, you may find yourself looking for ways to cool down. A mountain retreat to the Greenbrier Valley is the perfect way to beat the heat— indoor, outdoor, in the water or underground we’ve got it all. Here are some of our favorite ways to ‘chill’ out.

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SWIMMING. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as diving into the water to cool off. Luckily there are plenty of places in the Greenbrier Valley to go dip your toes in the water. If you’re looking for a familiar setting, check out any of the pools in the area. For a small fee, spend the day splashing in the pool and soaking in the sun. Dive in.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Then it’s time to explore the rivers and creeks in the valley for just the right swimming hole. Since you may be in unfamiliar territory, we have scouted out a few. Wherever you decide to go, grab the sunscreen and the snacks, and enjoy the day by the water.



ICE CREAM. Of course! Drapers at The Greenbrier delivers the mother of all desserts with its banana split and full-featured ice cream bar. Massive scoops of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate and pineapple sauce, strawberries, whipped cream and of course sliced bananas. Bring the entire family to tackle this treat. 

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Now if you’re strolling through downtown Lewisburg, you’ll have two options for ice cream. You can top off a quick lunch at The Market with its selection of tried and true favorites. At Amy’s Market, select from 16 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream. Try the ice cream nachos with your choice of sugar cone or waffle cone chips, two scoops of ice cream, two toppings and whipped cream. The delicious twist on a savory favorite is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. And since you’re in Lewisburg check out number three on our list.


THE SPLASH FOUNTAIN. Located in the center of town is Lewisburg's Green Space, it’s just the right size for the kids to run around, through and from the water shooting up from the ground. From late May to early September, this popular mini-park attracts "kids" of all sizes. While the little ones are playing, parents or grandparents can sit under the trees to keep clear of the splash zone. Bring a blanket, pack a picnic and hear sounds of pure joy from the youngsters.


CAVES. That’s right, head underground. Caves are great to explore year-round. While the temperature above ground can fluctuate from bone-chilling to sweltering, caverns stay around 52 degrees. At Organ Cave, you can delve into the area’s Civil War history with a guided tour. Learn how the Confederate Army utilized the cave and see where 1,100 soldiers were housed during the war. For a self-guided experience trek over to Lost World Caverns. The half-mile tour winds around the 1,000-foot room full of stalagmites and stalactites including the Snowy Chandelier. The 30-ton compound stalactite is documented as one of the nation’s largest. Make sure to take a jacket and discover what’s below the earth’s surface.

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“ Discover what happens when water seeps through limestone rock over thousands, even millions of years! ”

LAKE SHERWOOD. Breathe in the fresh mountain air by the lakeside. At Lake Sherwood, there are plenty of activities to cool you off. Located in the Monongahela National Forest, this quiet retreat offers swimming beaches, picnic shelters, hiking trails, fishing and more. If you’re interested in getting out on the water, stop by The Boathouse at Lake Sherwood. They have a selection of boat rentals including kayaks, canoes, and pedal boats. They also have stand up paddle boards. Can’t decide what you want to do? Take a full weekend and camp to experience all the lake has to offer. Just call ahead to ensure availability.

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