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Alderson's Store

Family owned and operated since 1887, Alderson’s Store has been a go-to destination for generations of area residents. What began as a general merchandise store now offers a more eclectic selection including clothing, vintage, jewelry, holiday and books. You never know what you might discover in this one-of-a-kind shop.

Conveniently located by the Alderson Memorial Walking Bridge. To access the south side of Alderson -- across the river -- follow Riverview Avenue to Howell Street. Turn left on Howell Street. Turn left on Railroad Avenue. Alderson's Store is located on S. Monroe Street where Railroad Avenue ends. 


History Stop 

The store’s proprietor, Sarah Alderson, is a descendant of Elder John Alderson, who founded the town in 1777. Inside and out, the store is an architectural delight. The Society of Architectural Historians calls the Art Deco style sophisticated and pristine, “a gem that has virtually disappeared from America’s commercial scene.”

The store originally opened in 1887 and carried general merchandise with everyday sundries and supplies. In 1930, the store burned down and was relocated closer to what was once considered “midtown” Alderson… where it stands today. The “new” building façade and interior fixtures reflect the sleek and modern Art Deco style of the day. The display pieces were built by the Georgia Showcase Company in 1932. Millinery tables, display cases, dressing room… each piece was crafted to the specification of the space in which they still reside.

The building was designed by the same architect who designed the West Virginia governor’s mansion. Walter F. Martens also designed Alderson City’s building and the Alderson Presbyterian Church, done in the Gothic Revival Style. Both are just steps away from Alderson’s Store.

This "history stop" was researched and written by Belinda Anderson. A series of history booklets commissioned by Alderson Main Street and written by Anderson is available for sale. More information is available by calling (304) 445-2916.


Alderson's Store

320 Monroe St. S
Alderson, WV


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