Free-Time Favorites

Want to have maximum fun and put a minimum dent in your wallet? You're in luck – the Valley offers plenty of free ways to wile away a morning, an afternoon or a whole day. We polled our Greenbrier residents and visitors to name some of their favorite free activities. Whether you prefer the “great outdoors” or the “great indoors,” you'll find lots to enjoy.

Visit The Greenbrier. It doesn't cost a thing to visit America's Resort and stroll around the grand hotel and lavishly landscaped grounds. The Greenbrier holds more than two centuries of rich history. It’s hosted world leaders and celebrities and witnessed vital events in the American chronicle. Explore and experience these timeless memories for yourself.

Hike or Bike. The Greenbrier River Trail follows 78 miles of the longest free-flowing river in the East and winds through back-county rife with wildlife and scenic beauty. Whether on foot or two wheels, it’s mellow 1-percent grade, gravel-packed path and numerous access points make it easy for all ages and skill levels.

Explore the Greenbrier River. Kayaking, canoeing and tubing are just some of the popular pastimes on this wide, peaceful river. Relaxing, quiet stretches alternate with easy Class I and II rapids. Bring along a vessel, gear and some snacks. Make a day of it. And jump on in. The water feels great! 

Drive the Country Roads. Mile-after-mile of scenic back-roads wind along creeks and over hills, cutting across lush farmlands and through covered bridges. US Route 60 follows the path of the old Midland Trail, dating back to the early days of buffalo and Native American travel. US Route 219 was once an Indian warpath. It’s no coincidence the two “trails” cross in downtown Lewisburg.

Tour Lewisburg. Lewisburg’s roots run deep, and its 200-year-old story is fascinating. Pick up a free guide at the Visitors Center and embark on a self-guided tour back in time. We suggest a stop at the North House Museum, which has chronicled much of the county’s history and preserved many of its artifacts. Check out Robert E. Lee’s saddle. From there, move on to the General Lewis Inn, Carnegie Hall, Confederate Cemetery … there's a plethora of choices. 

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