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The Greenbrier Bunker

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Step inside America’s Secret Agent-Era Past


Exposed in 1992 by the Washington Post, the Bunker at The Greenbrier was one of America’s most closely guarded Cold War secrets. The vast underground relocation center for the U.S. Congress was in readiness from 1962-1992, complete with House and Senate chambers, dorms, power plant, clinic, cafeteria…even a decontamination area.


Step through the 18-ton blast door to learn its secrets and how it was kept hidden for more than 30 years.  


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300 West Main St.
White Sulphur Springs, WV
Toll-free: 800-302-7207
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The Greenbrier Bunker

Tours are available daily. Cameras, cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted. Minimum age 10 years. Reservations required.

To schedule a tour, call 304-536-7810.